Joomlavel contains several functional packages.

Some packages are dependencies of others
  • Joomlavel/connect
    • Joomlavel/RAD, also called the generator
    • Joomlavel/templates
  • Joomlavel/JoomlaDbLink
  • Joomlavel/JoomlaAdapter
  • Joomlavel/LaravelAdapter



Connect is a RAD (rapid application development) tool to create predefined Joomla components. You can create a Joomla component by hand but we recommend to use a modern 'artisan' way to do this. Here is a sample how to create a Joomla component named BobsFirstComponent.

foo@bar:~$ php JoomLavel make:component BobsFirstComponent --zip --force

Connect can be easily cloned via git in your our workplace. In the storage directory you can find default component-templates, the workplace directory and publish, the place where finalized components are released.

git clone JoomLavel

JoomLavel/RAD and JoomLavel/templates are parts of connect. They are both installed automatically.

Setting up the environment

Connect is a Tool written in php and needs a Composer environment. Manipulation of the Joomla component is done via cli. Custom development and changes of the component can be done via IDE.

  • Composer
  • Git
  • php 7.1
  • IDE like PhpStorm

Microsoft Windows users might have their own preferences. If you are new unfamiliar with setting up such an environment we recommend laragon. It is very similar to LAMP/WAMP but offers modern tools like composer. It is a turnkey solution.


Installation is done via a git clone from out github repository.

foo@bar:/$ git clone https://github.com/JoomLavel/connect.git
foo@bar:~$ cd connect
foo@bar:~$ composer install

On the other side the Package can also installed via composer.

foo@bar:~$ composer create-project JoomLavel/connect connect


WIP: Finalization estimated, Dec. 2020


WIP: Finalization estimated, Dec. 2020

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. You are welcome to contribute @github.

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