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A free platform for developers to expand Joomla features with modern Laravel capabilities

Why this platform?

We noticed that many web developers start a projects on Joomla (one of tht most popular CMS), but then reach limitations of this platform. Our concept is to build platform to easy enhance Joomla with Laravel, which allows to do a lot more.
We offer a system that has no such limitations, is universal and even allows to integrate already existing software or internet services.

We love Joomla

Integration of existing Joomla based application with external source, like Laravel based application

We love Laravel

Full or partly migration from Joomla to Laravel with easy to handle steps


Fully support Rapid App Development paradigm by generating boilerplates and API Driven Development -


Ability to use microservices in Joomla - microservices architecture

Easy to customise

Integration of OpenApi 3.0 service, without any coding - OpenAPI

Save time

Laravel integration with Joomla resources (database, templates etc.)


  • microservices in Joomla
  • easy Open API 3.0 integration
  • laravel Joomla-DB integration
  • easy installer and configurator
  • prototypical tools, RAD
  • migration handbook
  • has electrolytes


  • JoomLavel/Connect
    /*Component Generator based on templates*/
  • JoomLavel/JoomlaDbLink
    /*Laravel Eloquent Models for Joomla DB*/
  • JoomLavel/JoomlaAdapter
    /*Laravel API for Joomla Views*/
  • JoomLavel/LaravelAdapter
    /*Joomla Component for Laravel Views*/

Get Started with component generator


We asume you have a standard php development environment with git and composer. If not, try laragon

foo@bar:/$ git clone
foo@bar:~$ cd connect
foo@bar:~$ composer install
foo@bar:~$ php JoomLavel make:component BobsFirstComponent --zip

Full Documentation (wip)

You can find our documentation on GitHub. Since we are fully engaged in developing this platform, documentation will be added in stages.

Docs More on GitHub


This is made by Getit-Berlin, álias Jakub Walczak 100% FREE. We offer our expertise to support you in your projects. No ever so little desire is too much effort.

Contact & Imprint

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. You are welcome to contribute @github.

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